Montag, 17. März 2014

Boom Bap Woche

Uncle Premo & That Fucking Sara
Christopher Edward Martin besser bekannt als DJ Premier 
wird am Freitag, 21. März 48 Jahre alt, 
diese Woche hier:

TRAPPED im Gonzo Club
Mittwoch, 19. März, ab 23h
(freier Eintritt)

DUSTY HELSINKI im Helsinki Klub
Donnerstag, 20. März, ab 22h
(freier Eintritt, Bar ab 20h)

HIPSTORY im Kraftfeld
Freitag, 21. März, ab 22h

That Fucking Sara war so nett und hat mir ein paar Fragen beantwortet:

what's your name & where are you from?

my name is that fucking sara and i'm from all over the place.

what are you doing?

mostly stuff that i like or stuff that i have to do.

who influenced you musically?

the library in the town where i grew up - i could sit there for hours listening to records while reading books. thats  how i got introduced to the drums, the bass, the keys and THE FLUTE! and im really thankful for that, without that library i would have been a total different person (and prolly  a more social kid).

what was your first record?

it was an 7" - the rock steady crew "(hey you) the rock steady crew"

& what was the last record you bought?

Dena "Flash" which i bought at her release party in berlin last week.

what are your favorite records at the moment?

farhot "kabul fire vol 1" is an album that i'm listening a lot to at the moment. But besides that im listening to tons of instrumentals - im searching for beats / producer inspiration at the moment. Also listening to a lot of the new shit just to see what's going on and find some of the instrumentals pretty interesting .

what's your best digging story?

There's a lot! But some of my favourites are definitely from buenos aires. In one record store i ended up dancing with the owner who was around 80 years old to some candombe record that he recommended me (and it worked, i ended up buying all of them). In another store they didnt had a turntable 'cus they had sold the last one but no problem - they just asked a random guy in the street if we could borrow one, so i could listen to the records before buying and he just went home and got his record player!

what's your favorite mix and why?

for ice cream it's chocolate and raspberry, its looks beautiful and it taste delicious!
besides that - coffee and cigarettes it's just the perfect relationship, jeans and sneakers - it looks great and it's comfortable, redwine and almost anything - basically because heavy dry redwine rocks.

what's your favorite format? lp, 12", 7"? 

7", they are  cute (and not heavy).

what are your 10 alltime favorites?

nelson mandela
ffc turbine potsdam
may ayim
food (yes, that includes steak)
books (especially autobiographies)
heavy redwine
diego maradona

what's your most memorable dj gig? 

uhm, besides the one where they had removed the cables from the turntables cus they were in the way for the cd-players??? or the one where there was only one turntable and they looked at me like i was an idiot because i needed two (and a mixer).
theres is a lot to chose from but maybe the one where a girl jump up on the dj desk and danced like a maniac and bumped her face into a lamp and broke her nose, but continued dancing until the end of my gig with blood all over. and discovered that she was in pain AFTER the music stopped. That showed me how powerful music is (maybe some kinda drugs too).

what's the best concert you ever went to? 

jay-z in madison square garden - NOTHING beats that. NOTHING!

where & with who would your dream gig be? 
as a tour dj it would definitely be with jay-z and it could be anywhere.
but basically i really love djing with people that i like (who has nice records and respect for the culture) and that can also be anywhere. but i love doing festivals, you reach so many people and nobody in the audience cares about how their look or how they dance.

what's your favorite food & drink?

steak and champagne and heavy dry redwine. water is pretty nice too and all kind of potato stuff and pasta.

any last words?

this is my chance to come up with something really deep and clever that could be re-posted on facebook i guess. 
dang, i just blew it.
Soulsonic & That Fucking Sara

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