Montag, 24. März 2014

The Wild @ Dusty Helsinki

(B-Music/Out There Music/FM Brussel/Democrazy)
The Wild war gerade in Istanbul und legt demnächst wieder mit
Andy Votel (Finders Keepers) auf, daher freut es mich sehr,
dass er auch bei uns vorbeikommt.
Freut euch auf solche Musik.
Donnerstag, 27. März 2014, ab 22h
(100% Vinyl/freier Eintritt)
Helsinki Klub, Züri 5
what's your name & where are you from?
gerd de wilde from brussels/belgium

what are you doing?
i'm a promotor at the bonnefoi club in brussels
& i have a radioshow on fm brussel called "funky bompa and the wild"

who influenced you musically?

what was your first record?
angel dust by faith no more

& what was the last record you bought?
rajastan street music on sublime frequencies

what are your favorite records at the moment?
levon vincent - love technique (a slab of nasty house) & 
acka raga by acker blick (oriëntal popcorn)

what's your best digging story?
finding "j'ai l'habitude" by lucky alba in the (brooms) closet of my nephews cleaning lady or finding an absolutely mint copy of "is there an exit" by absolute body control in a garagebox filled with übertrashed euro house '12

what's your favorite mix and why? 
sunrise by psychemagik, because it's absolutely fuckin' perfect

what's your favorite format? lp, 12", 7"?
good music

what are your 10 alltime favorites?
sorry they don't exist

what's your most memorable dj gig? 
club sarajevo in sao paolo (dj'ing with an ipod and cd's - people were screaming and dancing so hard they forced the club owners to stay open 2 hours extra)

what's the best concert you ever went to?
should be my first one I guess - red zebra in ninove - i stage dived and screamed my lungs out

where & with who would your dream gig be?
on a tropical island with my girlfriend

what's your favorite food & drink?
anything that is healthy and tastes good and any kind of fresh juice 

any last words?
thanks for having me at the helsinki again, klemens!

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